Muse in Music
Stay inspired.
 Muse in Music​​


Music has the power to inspire, to tell a story, and express emotion and delve into understanding the human condition. Aaron and Chelsea seek to explore these things and to bring them to you through the combination of the harp and the violin. Join us in the exploration and allow us to share our experiences and stories with you.

  Harp and Violin Studio
We will teach you how to read, play, and perform as a professional.
  • Training in Harp, Violin, and Viola
  • Master's Degrees in Performance
  • Teaching in the Oklahoma City Metro area
  • Personalized and detailed private lessons
  • Teaching from professional performers
  • Skype lessons available!

Duo Romantique​
​Duo Romantique is Oklahoma City's most unique performing harp and violin duet. Chelsea and Aaron Bushong have been playing together for over ten years. Click here for more details!

The Muse Quartet
The Muse Quartet is perfect for live entertainment and fun! Elizabeth, Jose, and Scotty join Aaron to blend the classical sounds of the violin, viola, and cello to create a musical performance unlike any other. From Mozart to Miles Davis, you have to check them out !